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I am no longer taking dog walking clients as all walks are full. Thank you!

Dog Training

Private in your home dog training (online is coming soon!) is now being offered!  All techniques and training will be bases on Victoria Stillwell dog training academy. This will be great for dogs that may be fearful in a group, or families. I will be coming to your home and everyone in the household is welcome and encourage to participate. One of the huge benefits of private training is the learning isn't cookie cutter school. Every dog and every family is different and we can tailor the lessons to what methods of learning work best for your dog, and you! All training methods are positive. There is no need for choke, shock or prong collars to be used. 

We will be covering a variety of topics

1. Dog language - How does your dog communicate how they are feeling? It's not just in the tail and teeth!

2. Training methods - There are a variety of ways we can teach your dog and we will figure out what works best for you. We also go over the mechanics so you don't make the common mistake of bribing your dog. 

3. Basic foundation cues - These are the cues that we teach first and then build on to teach more complex behaviors. 

4. Level 2 cues - After you've learned the foundation cues we use these to build on and teach things like loose leash walking and recall.

5. Grooming - Many dogs have really big feelings about the groomer and the vet. What can we do to help them feel comfortable with the visit.

6. Behavior issues - When an issue comes up (house training, door dashing ect) that you need assistance with that hasn't already been covered, I can tailor a training plan for you, and walk you through how to help your dog. If it's a serious issue beyond my scope of training and expertise, I do have a list of referral trainers I'm happy to give you. 

Courses can be anywhere from 4-6 weeks depending on your dogs level of current learning. We start where your dog is at and go from there.

If you would like more details on the course or pricing, feel free to reach out via text or email. 

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