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Which walk is best for your dog? Every dog is different so I have 2 different walks. One is an on leash neighborhood walk. This is great for dogs that haven't mastered recall yet, or maybe they just don't like to play with other dogs anymore. They get out, socialize with a few other dogs, and get a good walk in. The other is off leash in a dog park. Your dog needs to have a good recall, and be able to get along with other dogs. All my services are insured and I am bonded. 

Group Dog Walks                            

1 hour are an off leash run in a fenced in dog run or on leash neighborhood walks.  

1 hour leash/leash free walk

1 Dog - $27 (txs incl)

2 Dogs - $40 (txs incl)



Boarding Service Details

Your dog can come and stay at my home while you are away. They must be social with other dogs. While in my care they will join Hunter and I on our daily group walk(where space is available) and get to play and interact with other fun dogs in our pack. I will provide all treats (unless they have specific dietary restrictions, then you would need to provide specific treats) and I have toys here they can play with and chew on. All you need to provide is your dogs food.  I do feed my dog a raw diet, so I have plenty of freezer space if you need for their food. 


Dog Boarding

Overnights - $60(txs incl) per day

Each additional dog - $30(txs incl) per day

Dog Training

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