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Tina Hinds VSA


Dog Trainer

I had been doing retail management as a career, but after 13 years, decided I had enough and needed a big changed. I've always had an instant bond with animals of all sorts for as long as I can remember. A friend told me she walks dogs! When I heard of dog walking as a business I jumped at the opportunity! I've had a great career in dog walking and loved ever minute of it. I have fallen in love with every one of the dogs I walk. In 2020 I decided I needed to learn more about my dogs. What they are trying to tell me and how I can be a better dog mom. I received my dog training certification through CCS in April 2022. But the education didn't stop there. In 2023 I wanted to do a deeper dive into dogs and how I can better help dogs in my area. So I signed up for Victoria Stillwell Dog Training Academy and the learning I received from that course has been invaluable! Currently I'm 98% done and should be getting my training certificate soon for that as well. I received a certificate of completion for Aggression in Dogs course, and a certificate of achievement for the L.E.G.S Applied Ethology Family Dog Mediation Professional Course. Along with that I've been attending the annual Dog Behavior Conference with Victoria Stilwell yearly since 2021 to keep up with the newest and latest information. 



Rosie's Story


I met Tina in 2014, when my mom decided I needed someone to come and walk me in the afternoon. I'm very picky about who I will allow to take me for a walk, but she seemed nice when we met, so I let her take me to the front door of our building. But no further! My mom was home and I wasn't about to leave her home alone. A few days later when my mom was at work, Tina came for our first walk. I was still a bit a apprehensive, but she brought treats with her, so I went along. By the end of the week, we were great friends! I loved going with her!! As soon as I heard her unlock the door I was there to greet her with a big bark HELLO! We would play fetch at the park, and my favorite was when we would stop on the trail for a snack. One sad day in the summer, my mom passed away. I was so sad and I missed her very much. I didn't know where I was going to live. A few days later, Tina showed up at the house. I was so happy to see her I could barely control myself! Then she told me I was coming home. I was so happy I eagerly jumped in the car and went home with her! Now, I get to walk with her and play with other dogs all the time! We're inseparable and Life is great again


Tina's Update - Rosie and I had 2.5 wonderful, amazing years together. We did everything together as I'm sure you can see by all the pics I have posted of her! I couldn't have had a more loving, loyal, patient, sweet dog. Sadly, she passed away peacefully in her sleep on October 12, 2016. I will love and miss you forever Rosie....


Hunter's Story

My story starts when I was 6 months old. I was living happily with my siblings and parents. Then one day, my siblings and I had to go live somewhere else. It was so scary!! I was in a strange house with strange people and I refused to leave my crate. I was hoping they would take me back home, I really missed my family. But I couldn't go back. Next thing I know, I'm put in this thing called a plane....never again!! It was dark, loud and really really scary!! When we got off the plane, I was picked up by another stranger. She brought me to her home and when she opened the crate...I hid under the table in a corner! No way was I going on another ride...or leaving the house ever again!! Well shortly after I got there, the lady that picked me up offered me some yummy treats. Well, I was I ate them. Maybe she wasn't such a scary stranger after all. She had another dog there named Jake, and he seemed happy to be there. So, I decided to come out of my hiding place and investigate. Maybe this wasn't such a scary place. So I hopped on the couch with her, and she gave me more treats, and gave me lots of affection!! We both fell in love and she told me she wanted to be my new mom. I decided I'm never leaving here again!!! And for 2 days, I didn't leave the house!! As much as she tried to coax me way was I going out to the scary outdoors! With the help of my puppy friends and my new mom, I did eventually come out. And now, I get to go out with mom everyday, go for car rides and play with all my friends! 


Sherlock's Story

My story starts in Turkiye. I was found on the streets at 3 months old and was really sick. A rescue there took me in and helped me get well. For over a year I looked for my home, but I never found the "one". So off to Canada I went hoping to find my forever home! I thought I found it, but it wasn't the right place for me. I found it really scary and the people I was living with just didn't understand what I needed. I tried my best to be a good dog, but they ended up giving me back to the rescue when I was guarding everything that was important to me. I was then placed with Tina and Hunter. When I got to their house, I was itchy with allergies, chewing my paws, had ear infections and just overall cranky. She gave me a safe space to sleep where I wouldn't be disturbed. I really didn't like sharing my toys, but she taught me this great game....tug!! Wow toys are so much more fun when Mom makes them come alive and fly!! And now I like it when she comes around when I'm eating. Sometimes she even gives me extra! She figured out that all my allergies were food related so she changed my diet to fresh food and all my allergies disappeared and, I'm not cranky anymore. I wasn't supposed to stay here forever, it was just supposed to be a safe space until we found my forever home......but I'm happy I found the "one". 

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